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"Where your fingers do the clicking!" Home of the one of the best directory services on the internet, and the World Wide Web! You can find your online to be fast, informative and friendly to use when searching the net. We aim to provide you with the best possible links and information from across the globe to your computer, to active internet enthusiasts like you.
Don't miss this opportunity to review The Internet Book Search Engine, the valuable resources we provide, and the professional trust, and commitment we aim to serve you and your fellow viewers.

Services and Products
The Internet Book is fast in becoming the most popular search engine to hit the internet. We are currently in the process of expanding our directory services, and have added a more comprehensive search engine called The . We are now accepting url's of every category and encourage everyone to submit their favorite websites, and see it listed in our search engine directory. Get in on the ground floor and see your site listed in the top 20 of that category.

We offer the best directory services in regards to people and business search, weather, maps, news, and much more. We also offer free services to our visitors such as; free email services, calendar services, message boards, community center, newsletters and forums.

Make sure you bookmark™The Internet Book ® and make it your favorite site for fast and user friendly directory service.

How To Contact Us
If you are interested in contacting us for information on advertising, search services, submitting a url, sponsoring us or any other questions about our site, email us and let us know. Help build Your Online Directory and The and make it as useful as your telephone book. Thank you, from your friends at The Internet Book.

United States of America

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